Welcome to DERIVADOS VINICOS SA, a company built on 80 years’ experience located in Palmira, Mendoza, Argentina.
We have a purely sustainable and ecologic profile that makes us the biggest distillery in America of this kind.
Our main service is environmental and it is based on the complete management of solid and liquid waste originated in the vinification process of wineries. Starting there, waste is used to produce a wide variety of products, all of them 100% of natural origin and with international standards of quality.


Our main products are tartaric acid, metatartaric acid, raw grapeseed oil, refined grapeseed oil, standard ethyl alcohol, neutral ethyl alcohol, wine distillates and spirits, grappa, cream of tartar. And we are currently developing compost together with INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology).


In 2017, the Company added to its portfolio a new line of first quality oenological supplies. This new business unit offers among its main products fermentation activators yeast, oak staves (Stavin) and others that will be incorporated soon.