In 2018, the company celebrated its 81st anniversary and art became once again part of Derivados Vínicos. All employees (workers) had an active role and performed a collective work under the slogan of creativity, innovation and group responsibility. The direction of the artistic project was in charge of the Argentine artist Eduardo Basualdo who synergized with another young talent: Tomás Maglione. For the second year in a row, Basualdo joined art in the company. Here, a brief interview about what this work meant:

-What was the aim of Project 81?

"The whole program of cultural actions, which has been developed at the facilities over the last two years, is focused on two directions: internal communication of the company and dialogue with the community. First, it seeks to improve the quality of work within the company, reconsidering the bonds between employees, their relationship with the specific work place of each one and finally the vision about the company. In the external plan, the search is to communicate to the different social actors the operation of the facilities highlighting its contribution to the care of the environment, its function of recycling in the wine production chain and quality as a variety of the products elaborated in it ".

-How was it developed?

"The P18 project sought to deepen the inaugural experience developed a year earlier. The proposal consisted in the realization of a work collectively calling all the workers of the facilities to participate in the artistic experience. The area used daily in the production of the company was adapted by the same operators to host an audiovisual recording studio where all Dervinsa members spent four days in. Small groups of employees belonging to different areas of the company converged in the room to work one by one , only once in the sculptural work. The entire work process was filmed, edited and post produced by a team of professionals resulting in a video that constitutes a true collective portrait of the company workers."

-How and why did Tomás Maglione join the project?

"In order to carry out this project, Tomás, a plastic artist from Buenos Aires, who has vast experience in video art production, joined the work team. We were looking for someone who could carry out an audiovisual production. It is very enriching to continue adding professionals to this project so that they can contribute new points of view about the company as well as the project in general."

-What does the P81 mean personally and artistically speaking?

"This is a special project for me because it offers me a different role than I have in my daily work. They are the same elements but articulated in another way. In that sense, something similar happens to me with what happens to employees of the company. It is a very demanding and very generous experiment at the same time."