For the third consecutive year, Derivados Vínicos S.A. (Dervinsa), the largest wine alcohol distillery in America, displayed an artistic project that involved all the workers of that facilities, located in Palmira.

Under the direction of the artists Eduardo Basualdo and Tomás Maglione, each of the 160 collaborators (workers) of the company made their own metal work, which on Friday, September 13th , 2019, was placed with an artistic staging directed by Florencia Rodríguez Giles.

Art is a facilitator, a lever, a tool and a transformation vector that all companies should include in their human resources programs (or rather, Talent and Learning Management , as it is called in Dervinsa), considering that our people are more than resources ... “Well integrated art has no limit", ” General Manager Stéphane Mitrani said.

Since 2017, this company, which processes the wine waste of 650 wineries throughout the country, for a better integration among its workers, has gone forward with a plan that has art and recreational activities as main tools.

Thus, two years ago, workers were the protagonists of a photographic exhibition called "Who is who?" and it was in charge of David Medina Kaiser. In addition to that, the operators made a sculpture of four tons recycling scrap metal. That project was directed by the renowned artist Eduardo Basualdo, who since then, has fallen in love with the company and its people. Therefore, in 2018, he made a ceramic sculpture with the intervention of all Dervinsa staff: each employee had a minute to leave his mark on a large block of clay.

This year, the project was more ambitious and each worker made his own metal mask. In August, the distillery employees were summoned to create their piece in one of the company's warehouses that was transformed into an art workshop.

“The new artistic project consisted of a game that had the mask in the center of the scene. Firstly, and through a paper invitation we asked all employees to think about this tool and ask about its function. Finally, we proposed the creation of individual masks in iron from the combination of 18 geometric pieces made previously by us”. Basualdo explained.

On Friday 13th, the masks were placed in one of the company's gardens forming a large installation.

“The scope these activities have in the company are incredible. They are spaces that permit human contact outside the mechanical needs of work and the economy. The different projects generate a special time within the working time that allow the same pieces that are articulated to produce every day to be organized in another way and surprise us. These actions give the sensation that when being immersed in them, nobody wants to be anywhere else”, Basualdo concluded.